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Colonial Cases

1898 decisions

Bank of China, Japan and the Straits Ltd v. Wai Po Kee and Woo Chee Ding, 1898 [choice of law, Mixed Court] Mixed Court

Browett v. Municipal Council, 1898 [nuisance] Court of Consuls

Clarke and Service v. The Standard Oil Co., 1898 [shipping] United States

Dong Ta Kee v. Hall, 1898 [sale of goods]

Evans v. Su Pao San, 1898 [sale of goods] Mixed Court

In re Cunningham, 1898 [bankruptcy]

In re Hornby and Hornby, 1898 [infancy]

In re Joly v. The Sun Life Insurance Company of Canada, 1898 [life assurance - evidence]

Melchers and Co. v. The China Navigation Co., Ltd, 1898 [bailment]

Mercantile Collection Agency v. Wan Quai Chee, 1898 [debt recovery] Mixed Court

Meyerick and Co. v. Yuen Chong, 1898 [Mixed Court appeal - commercial dispute] Court of Appeal, Mixed Court

Minor cases 1898

Municipal Council for the Foreign Community v. McMurray, 1898-1899 [land law - local government]

R. v. Harvey, 1898 [obtaining by false pretences]

R. v. Singh and others, 1898 [prosecution of police]

R. v. Tourney, 1898-1899 [attempted murder]

Sun Kee v. Evans and Company, 1898 [sale of goods]

Sung Hoong Hai and others v Kingsmill, 1898 [trespass to land - wrongful arrest]

The Amarapoora, 1898 [admiralty]

United States v. Gay, 1898 [arson on ship] United States

United States v. McCurdy, 1898 [assault on ship] United States

United States v. Thulmann, 1898 [murder] United States

Ting Tai See v. Hall, 1898 [civil procedure]

Wardrop v. The China Navigation Company, 1898 [ship's crew]

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