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Colonial Cases

1893 decisions

Chang Sung Foo v. McCaslin, 1893 [employment] United States

Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, and others v. Smith and others, 1893 [banking] United States

Davie v. Greaves, 1893 [specific performance]

In re Brearley, 1893 [mortgage]

Mace v. Mace, 1893 [tover - marriage]

Major v. Jardine, Matheson and Co., 1893 [injunctiion - land law]

Minor cases 1893

Mixed Court 1893

Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company v. Imperial Japanese Government, 1893 [admiralty - appeals]

Preussen, 1893 [homicide] German Consular Court

R. v. Fraser, 1893 [obtaining by false pretences]

R. v. Horley, 1893 [assault]

R. v. Lewis, 1893 [larceny - receiving stolen goods]

R. v. Singh, 1893 [stealing]

Raphael v. Elias, 1893 [trusts] French Consular Court

Roberts v. Vincent, 1893 [debt recovery] United States

Rosenzweig and Co. v. Kingsmill, 1893 [marriage rights - agency         

Seymour and others v. Municipal Council, 1893 [land law] Court of Consuls            ]

Yu Hi v. O'Rourke, 1893 [succession - part performance]


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