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Colonial Cases

1888 decisions

Benjamin v. Wainewright, 1888 [garnishee]

Colgan and Roggers v. Middleton and others, 1888 [succession]

Commissioner of Customs at Canton v. Hongkong, Canton and Macao Steamship Company, 1888 [customs]

Crawford v. Phillips, 1888 [employment]

Deans v. Hogg, 1888 [wrongful dismissal]

Fitch v. Farnham, 1888 [civil procedure - church governance] United States

Gregson v. George, 1888 [local government]

Hopper v. McLoughlin, 1888 [shipping, assault]

Japanese Consular Cases, 1888 [minor cases] Japan

Ling v. Morgan, 1888 [bill of sale]

Martins v. Thirkell, 1888 [wages - slander]

McLaren v. Martin, 1888 [shipping, wages]

Meyerink v. Heine, 1888 [shipping] Russia

Minor cases, 1888

Neeson v. Norman, 1888 [shipping]

Nesbit v. Nesbit, 1888 [divorce] United States

R. v. Anonymous, 1888 [shipping, mutiny]

R. v. Davey, 1888 [smoking in theatre - resisting police]

R. v. Deloe or Delve, 1888 [shooting and wounding with intent]

R. v. Dunman, 1888 [shipping, employment]

R. v. Fisher and others, 1888 [shipping, refusal of duty]

R. v. Hore, 1888 [rape - carnal knowledge]

R. v. Keipler, 1888 [assault, stabbing]

R. v. Lanigan, 1888 [stealing]

R. v. Lucas, 1888 [vagrancy]

R. v .McLoughlin, 1888 [shipping]

R. v. Parker, 1888 [shipping, employment]

R. v. Singh, 1888 [larceny]

R. v. Wittea, 1888 [stealing]

Shing Chong v. Heine, 1888 [shipping] Russia

The Fatshan, 1888 [shipping]

The Glamorganshire v. the Clarissa B. Carver, 1888 [shipping] Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

United States v. Arlington, 1888 [sexual assault of children] United States

Woo v. Brown, 1888 [debt recovery]

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