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Colonial Cases

1884 decisions

Aboo, 1884 [manslaughter] Netherlands

Brandt v. Shanghai Race Club, 1884 [club membership]

Brown v. Schofield, 1884 [succession]

Ludwig and Trub, 1884 [fraud] Switzerland

Minor cases China, 1884

R. v. Benjamin, 1884 [misappropriating goods]

R. v. Harrison, 1884 [conspiracy]

Sassoon v. Wong Gan-Ying, 1884 [balance of account]

Saunders v. Bell, 1884 [leases]

Shobey v. Whittall, 1884 [sale of goods, shipping]

Tai Wan Wa and Sun Ping San v. Adamson, Bell and Co., 1884 [sale of goods]

Taylor v. Bell, 1884 [injunction, company law]

U.S. v. Henney and Rosenberg, 1884 [assault] United States

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