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Colonial Cases

1883 decisions

Bidwell v. Helland, 1883 [agency] Denmark

Crocker v. Taylor, 1883 [insubordination] United States

Fidone, 1883 [stealing] Italy

Minor cases, 1883

R. v. Logan, 1883 [murder - manslaughter]

Re Friedlander, 1883 [succession] Victoria, Australia

See Ah-to, 1883 [habeas corpus]

Sun-Yuen v. Mackintosh, Dudgeon & Co., 1883 [sale of goods]

The Lorcha "Dong Kong", 1883 [shipping] United States

Tientsin Rowdies, 1883 [riot] Mixed Court

Turnbull v. Bowman, 1883 [shipping]

United States v. McKenna, 1883 [manslaughter] United States

Wong Chay-chee v. Artindale, 1883 [leases]

Wong Vok-Tai v. Artindale, 1883 [rent]

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