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Colonial Cases

1882 decisions

Court of Consuls Rules, 1882, and Introduction and establishment of the court Court of Consuls

Fu Chin-yue v. Shanghai Municipal Council, 1882 [injunction] Court of Consuls

Harman, 1882 [seizure of vessels]

Lee Chin-Yu v. Holmes, 1882 [partnership] United States

Minor Cases, 1882

Mitsu Bishi Steamship Company vs. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company, 1882 [shipping, jurisdiction] United States

Pring On v. Blethen, 1882 [shipping collision] United States

R. v. Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, 1882 [criminal procedure]

R. v. Wood, 1882 [obtaining by false pretences]

Re Crossett, 1882 [habeas corpus] United States

Sultan, 1882 [fraud - assault] Mixed Court/Austria

United States v. Webb, 1882 [murder - pardon] United States

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