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Colonial Cases

Mixed Court China 1881


The North China Herald, 13 January 1881


Shanghai, 10th Jan.

Before the Chinese Magistrate CHEN and J. R. COULTHARD, Esq., British Assessor.

   A Soochow man was sentenced to a month's cangue for passing three counterfeit dollars.

   Two brothers were ordered to be imprisoned until the end of the first moon of the approaching Chinese New Year for stealing a clock and a lamp.

   A complicated collision case in which a Municipal water-cart and two jinrikisha's were concerned, was settled by the driver of the water-cart being ordered to pay $3 to repair the damages sustained by the jinrikishas, and $1.50 to one of the coolies, who had got his hand hurt in the accident.


The North China Herald, 5 April 1881


Shanghai, 1st April.

Before the Chinese Magistrate CHEN and W. R. CARLES, Esq., British Assessor.

Civil Suits.

   Mr. Andrew, representing the firm of Messrs. Butterfield and Swire, appeared on behalf of their compradore to sue a shipper of cargo for $6.20, alleged to be due for freight.  The defendant said that he had paid the sum named to the compardore's son, who had only just returned from a long visit to Canton.  The hearing of the case was adjourned till Monday.

   Mr. Buchanan appeared for Messrs. Bisset & Co. to sue three tenants for rent.  It seems that the rents of the houses occupied by the defendants and a large number of other natives, were recently raised, and although they still continued to occupy the dwellings, they refused to pay the amounts by which the rents had been raised; in the instances of these particular men, $2, $2.50 and $3.  They thought themselves hardly used, as they considered that similar proceedings should have been taken against the others.  They were ordered to pay the amounts for which they were sued, and were given to understand that all the other tenants would be called upon to follow their example if they still wished to occupy their premises.


   A native employed on one of the opium-hulks was sent to prisoner for six weeks for stealing a ball of opium on board the P. & O. Company's s.s. Thibet.

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