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Colonial Cases

1881 decisions

Crew of the Annie S. Hall, 1881 [sailors, maltreatment of] United States

Gearing v. Emery, 1881 [injunction] United States

Hodgson (HSBC) v Punkee, 1881 [banking]

Langfeldt and Mayers v. Green, 1881 [appeals]

Lyell v. Butterfield and Swire, 1881 [shipping]

Mee Kee v. Primrose, 1881 [sale of goods]

Minor Cases China 1881

Mixed Court China 1881

Municipal Council v. Reid, 1881 [local government] United States

Polite v. Robins, 1881 [debt recovery] United States

Pun Kee v. Hodgson, 1881 [debt recovery]

R. v. Leslie, 1881 [assault]

R. v. Page, 1881 [murder - jurisdiction]

R. v. Powell, 1881 [incitement to commit arson]

R. v. Welch and Powell, 1881 [conspiracy]

R. v. Williams, 1881 [forgery]

The Lapwing and the Hochung, 1881 [ships, collision at sea]

The Craiglands, 1881 [shipping]

The lorcha Kiangning, 1881 [shipping] United States

The Sin Nanzing, 1881 [shipping]

Tsin Ching-dung v. Lazarus, 1881 [building work]

United States v. Reid, 1881 [tax] United States

United States v. Ross, 1881 [murder] United States

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