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Colonial Cases

1877 decisions

Beato v. P & O Co., 1877 [shipping]

China Navigation Co. v. Francis, 1877 [bailment]

Fau Chong v. Beattie, 1877 [enforcement of judgments]

He Fukee v. Groom, 1877 [conveyancing]

Hume v. Gilman, 1877 [shipping, pilot services] United States

McKillop v. Mawhood, 1877 [land law]

Minor Cases 1877

Mixed Court, Shanghai, 1877

Pichon v. Nachtrieb, Leroy and Cie., 1877 [company law] France

Ping Tsoh Tsen, 1877 [conspiracy to defraud]

R. v. Shaw, 1877 [stealing]

The Independence Pilot Co. v. Wills, 1877 [partnership] United States

Warnecke v. Marcal, 1877 [libel] Portugal

Yuen Tsze Huen, 1877 [gambling]


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