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Colonial Cases

In re Stoddard, 1876


In re Stoddard

United States Consular Court, Shanghai
Myers, 17 November 1876
Source: The North China Herald, 23 November 1876



Shanghai, Nov. 17th.

Before J. C. MYERS, Esq., Consul-General.

In re the Bankruptcy of L. H. STODDARD.

   This was a meeting of creditors, called to hear the declaration of a second and final divided. - The Bankrupt, who was temporarily released from prison in order to permit him to appear personally, had also filed a petition for a discharge, and a certificate thereof, from all his debts.  Only three or four creditors attended the meeting, and there was no opposition.

   <r. O. B. BRADFORD, the official assignee, presented his final accounts., and stated that twelve creditors, representing Tls. 86,756.91, appeared as signatories to a written agreement touching the bankruptcy, giving their assent to the bankrupt's release on consideration of the dividends paid and to be paid, and of his having fully complied with the orders and directions of the court.  The total claims against the estate amounted to Tls. 94,067.50, including one of Messrs. Olyphant & Co., which was the subject of a late appeal to the Circuit Court of California.  The sum disposable as a second dividend, but out of which would first have to be paid all costs and expenses of the bankruptcy, was Tls. 5,1902.290, which was on deposit at interest of 3 per cent per annum.  This would yield about five per cent, or perhaps a little more, on the total of debts, bringing up the two dividends to about eleven per cent.

   The Bankrupt having subscribed the usual oath, to the effect that he had complied with all the necessary forms, and with the orders and directions of the Court,

   The COURT granted him a full and complete discharge.

   The Official Assignee also applied for his own discharge from all liability in connection with the bankrupt's estate, and that it would be entered upon the minutes of the Court.

   The COURT acquiesced, and appended the 24th instant for completing the proceedings.

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