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Colonial Cases

Minor cases China 1873

The Straits Times Overland Journal, 27 February 1873

   WE learn that the last French mail brought news from Amoy of the decision given by the British Consular Court there in a case brought by the Trustee of Velge Brothers' Estate, through Messrs. Tait & Co., against the Mercantile Bank, represented by their Agents, Messrs. Boyd & Co.  The circumstances, we learn, are briefly as follows: Messrs. Boyd & Co., to whom Velge Brothers were in the habit of making shiopments, made a remittance for priceeds in their hanbds of the sum of Five thousand Daollars through the Mercantile Bank here, to be paid over to Messrs. Velge Brothers.  That firm, however, was bankrupt before the arrival of the remittance, and owing the bank some money.  The Bank appropriated the remittance in part satisfaction of their claim on the Estate.  The Trustee of the Estate claimed it for benefit of all the creditors, and the Consular Court in Amoy decided against the Bank.  An appeal to the higher Court in Shanghai is said to have been made.

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