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Colonial Cases

Galy v. Rangan, 1871

[false imprisonment]

Galy v. Rangan

Provincial Court, Kanagawa
5 June 1871
Source: The North China Herald, 30 June 1871



Yokohama, 5th June, 1871.

Before N. J. HANNEN, Esq., Acting-Assistant Judge.


This was an action to recover $6,000 damages for false imprisonment.

   Mr. Hill appeared for plaintiff and Mr. Marks for defendant.

   G. Galy, duly sworn: - I live in Yedo.  I am a French subject.  On the 11th May some Japanese called on me.  I invited them to go with me to the races; I hired a coach for one day from Mr. Rangan for $22.  I agreed to pay on the return of the coach to Yedo.  I came to Yokohama and changed horses and then went to the races.  It was late when I returned.  In the evening at dinner time one of Mr. Rangan's clerks called with the bill; I told him I should pay in Yedo, as I had so agreed.  He would not listen to me and said that Mr. Rangan wanted cash, and said I had better come and explain the matter to Mr. Rangan.

   After dinner I went with the Japanese to Mr. Rangan.  The Japanese were with me.  Mr. Rangan then began to talk about an old disputed account; this I refused to pay as it was not correct.  I told his man who had tried to collect it that it was not correct.  Mr. Rangan then pressed for immediate payment of the $22, and I told him I had no money with me.  He then began to blackguard me and said I had no right to agree with the man in Yedo as he did not trust him.  He still insulted me very much. 

   I then went down the stairs to go away in the carriage as it was ready.  Mr. Rangan then asked me for the $22 again.  I told him I had not got it with me.  He then told his servants to take the horses out of the carriage ands shut the doors.  At 12.15 some one knocked at the door.  A man asked who was there.  They replied "what is the matter?" I then called out.  The key was brought down and they would not open until the persons outside had agreed to pay for me.  The door was opened and I was kept back; the man had his revolver with him.  They asked first for $11 old account and then $22 for the carriage from Yedo; this my friends paid under protest. 

   Other evidence was then given and eventually judgment was given for plaintiff, damages $200. - (Japan Mail.)

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