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Colonial Cases

1871 decisions

Chung Chin Lien v. Jardine, Matheson and Co., 1871 [shipping]

Galy v. Rangan, 1871 [false imprisonment]

Gandaubert v. Hart and Smedley, 1871 [building contract]

Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank v. Ohl, 1871 [mortgage of goods] North Germany (Prussia)

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation v. Tombrink, Trustees of Glover, Dow and Co., 1871 [partnership, bankruptcy]

Howell v. Marks, 1871 [libel]

In re Glover Dow and Co., 1871 [company liquidation]

In re Lane Crawford and Co. v. Cheshire, 1871 [interpleader]

France v. Lepissier, 1871 [shooting and wounding] France

Jarvis v. Smith, 1871 [sale of goods]

Jones v. Read, 1871 [assault]

Kinn v. Kiddle, 1871 [breach of contract]

Ko What Sors v. S.S. Nora, 1871 [costs]

Lang v. Edbrook and Mawhood, 1871 [sale of goods]

Lindsay, trustee of Groom v. Wheelock and Stoddard, 1871 [landlord and tenant]

Livingston v. A Wo, 1871 [master and servant]

Loureiro v. Lemann and others, Trustees of Dent and Co., 1871 [trover, title deeds]

Mahlmann v. Groom and others, 1871 [partnership]

Mahlmann v. Pond, 1871 [enforcement of judgments]

Marshall v. Morphew, 1871 [debt recovery]

Minor cases, 1871

Murray v. Wallworth and Co., 1871 [shipping, sale of]

Nicolle v. Harris, 1871 [partnership]

Olyphant v. Batchelder, 1871 [debt recovery] United States

Pustau and Co. v. Chapman King and Co., 1871 [sale of goods]

R. v. Da Silva, 1871 [shooting] Portugal

R. v. Williams, 1871 [murder]

Robinson v. Pallant, 1871 [partnership]

Rosenthal v. Bisset and Co., 1871 [detinue - specific performance]

Rothmund v. Mercer, 1871 [goods sold and delivered]

Shanghai Police Court, 1871 [minor crimes]

Steamship Spark v. Lee Choi Chum, 1871 [appeals, United States - admiralty] United States

The Brig Matilda, 1871 [shipping]

The Sin Yung Ta v. The Norna, 1871 [shipping, collision]

Trustee of Thorburn and Hargreaves v. Chartered Bank, 1871 [sale of goods]

Watson v. Hume, 1871 [sale of goods]

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