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Colonial Cases

United States v. Williams, 1870


United States v. Williams

United States Consular Court, Shanghai
27 July 1870
Source: The North-China Herald, 11 August 1870



Shanghai, July 27th, 1870.

Before O. B. BRADFORD.

United States v. GEO. H. WILLIAMS.

Charge of fraud.

   The prisoner has been some time doing work as a stevedore.  He represented his having contracts with several masters of vessels in port, to discharge their cargoes, and that for such services he had funds in the hands of Messrs. Hall & Holtz.  He contracted a bill for lodging, at the Hotel de Messageries Imperiales, and  when asked for payment of money gave to the proprietors an order on the said firm, signing the order - written by another person, for him - in a most wild and singular hand.  His denial of having signed the order, after full proof of his having done so, and his general demeanour in Court, showed that he was attempting to cover up his guilt.  No defence was made, except the bare denial of his having signed the order; and the Court finding him guilty as charged, sentenced him to forty days imprisonment.

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