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Colonial Cases

Greig, 1870

[ship's captain]


Naval Court of Enquiry, China
6 January 1870
Source: The North-China Herald, 11 January 1870



A Naval Court held to enquire into charges preferred by the crew against the master of the Wm. Melhuish, has acquitted the latter, though censuring him, in terms which will be found in our report.


January 6.

Naval Court of Enquiry, at H.M.'s Consulate, 5th and 6th January, held on Capt. Greig, Master of the British ship Wm. Melhuish on a charge, by petition, to H.M.'s Consul, of drunkenness and ill-treatment by seven of the crew.


M. J. DUNLOP, Lieut. Com. H.M.'s Dove. President.

R. J. FORREST, Esq., H.M.'s Acting Vice-Consul.

JULIEN A. DASHWOOD, Lieut. H.M.'s Icarus.

J. A. MILLER, Navigating Lieut. H.M.'s Icarus.

W.  E. DUNDAS, Master P. & O. S.S. Cadiz.

W. H. WHYLAN, Clerk of the Court.

After the several charges were read out to defendant and he had been asked what he had to say in his defence, and if he was guilty, and he pleading not Guilty, the examination of the prosecutors commenced; but they not being able to substantiate various of the assertions entered in petition, the Court acquitted Capt. Greig in the following terms.

Having carefully considered the evidence, the Court is of opinion that the charge of endangering the lives of the crew is not proven, and that the charge of drunkenness meets with a certain amount of support.  We are not sufficiently satisfied with the evidence adduced to consider it necessary to remove the master from his ship.  The Court is however unanimously of opinion, that the conduct of the master is deserving of very high censure and such censure is hereby recorded.

Signed by the Members of the Court.

Published by Centre for Comparative Law, History and Governance at Macquarie Law School