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Colonial Cases

Da Silva v. Fonceca, 1870


Da Silva v. Fonceca

Portuguese Consular Court, Shanghai(?)
10 March 1870
Source: The North-China Herald, 15 March 1870



Before Acting Consul General HANSSEN.

Thursday, 10th March, 1870.

G. S. da SILVA vs. J. B. FONCECA.

Charge - Assault and Battery.

It appears the parties to this suit had a private quarrel and chancing to meet one another on Sunday last, some high words passed, followed by a free fight.  Defendant was the aggressor and administered a black eye and sundry bruises to the Plaintiff.  The evidence having been taken, the Court sentenced Fonceca to pay a fine of $10, and the costs of court, as well as Plaintiff's medical expenses incurred for the cure of his damaged optic. - (Evening Express.)

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