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Colonial Cases

Mixed Court, 1869-70

[minor crimes]

Mixed Court

Mixed Court, Shanghai(?)


Source: The North-China Herald, 4 January 1870



Before CHEN.

20th Dec., 1869.

The case of Messrs. Hall & Holtz's shroff, came under hearing again to-day.  He is to be confined until the amount squeezed by him from his employers is returned, after which what punishment is to be inflicted will be considered.  ($30 were paid.)

Some time ago it will be remembered, a Municipal constable arrested a suspicious looking character on the Hongque side, who had in his possession a large bag, containing sundry implements usually carried by house breakers, such as chisels, files, crowbars, touch paper and a quantity of gunpowder.  On examination, the man declared he was on his way to join sundry other thieves for the purpose of breaking into a bank at Namtoo.  The police availing themselves of this piece of information, obliged the prisoner to show them where his comrades were, and after no little difficulty arrested two in a tea shop near the city wall, and three others in a boat beyond the French settlement.

The case came off this morning, and the lot were ordered to be sent to the city, to be dealt with by higher authority.  The police is of opinion that these men are in some way connected with the recent piratical attack at Woosung, and are now diligently engaged trying to get further insight into the matter.

Jan. 3rd, 1870.

A shroff forging a cheque to the amount of Tls. 294, was remanded for a higher Court.  It would appear that prisoner got hold of his friends chop, and after stamping a bank order with it, presented same for collection.  The banker noticing a different style of writing to that of its old customer, immediately made enquiries and found out the imposture.

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