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Colonial Cases

The Guinevere, 1866


The Guinevere

Consular Court, Hankow
Source: The North-China Herald, 28 July 1866



Decision in the case of "Guinevere."

  1. That the Guinevere was lost upon the "Eighteen foot rock," whilst in an unmanageable state in tow astern of the Glengyle, and that she was brought into this state by a mistaken order given by the pilot Stevens to port her helm when there was no necessity for so doing.
  2. (Same as first decision.)
  3. That the master of the Guinevere acted precipitately in leaving the wreck so soon as he did, and that in the absence of any special request on his part for the presence or assistance of the Glengyle to protect the wreck, the master of the latter vessel was justified in proceeding at once to Hankow for aid.
  4. (Same as in first decision.)
  5. (Same as in first decision.)

W. H. MEDHURST, Consul.

J. S. KEATS, Commander H.M.S. "Slaney."

A. T. MILLER, 2nd Master in charge H.M.S. "Slaney."

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