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Colonial Cases

Minor cases 1866

The Queenslander, 30 June 1866


  The Prince Albert, the steamer which was seized some short time since by a Chinese Customs cruiser, as being in a non-treaty port, has been adjudged confiscated by a mixed Court at Canton, composed of H.B.M. Consul and some officials of the Chinese and foreign Customs.  Although a hard case for Mr. Quok Acheong, the owner of the vessel, there can be no complaint made of the fairness of the decision as regards the unbiased views of the members of the court.  The decision come to in this case will probably lead to some steps being taken towards moving for the port of Kiung-Chow, which by the Treaty of Tientsin is one of the ports which the Chinese Government are bound to open; heretofore, the trading of foreign vessels at the small ports on the west coast has been tacitly allowed by the Chinese authorities, and this seizure of the Prince Albert, though undoubtedly a legal as well as very knowing and profitable act, seems to be somewhat smart on their part.

Published by Centre for Comparative Law, History and Governance at Macquarie Law School