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Colonial Cases

1865 decisions

China and Japan


Baldwin and Gibson v. The Exonian, 1865 [shipping, collision]

English Municipal Council v. Fierz and Bachmann, 1865 [taxation] France

Gilfillan v. Glover and Co., 1865 [agency]

Hogg Brothers v. China Fire Insurance Company, 1865 [insurance]

In re Esplen, 1865 [shipping, medicine supplies]

Innes and Co. v. Kiukiang, 1865 [bill of lading] United States

Jardine Matheson and Co. v. Dadabhoy and Co., 1865 [interest]

Keswick and others v. Wills and Wills, 1865 [taxation]

Limby v. Blum Bros., 1865 [sale of goods]

Lok Yuen Yin v. Duus, 1865 [landlord and tenant]

Minor cases, 1865

Municipal Council v. Oppert and Co., 1865 [taxation] Prussia

Municipal Council v. Stibolt, 1865 [taxation] Denmark

Porter v. Duus, 1865 [libel - Consular Court, jurisdiction]

R. v. Bayton, 1865 [maritime offences]

R. v. Dodds, 1865 [manslaughter - deportation]

R. v. Mohammed, 1865 [murder]

R. v. Reeves and others, 1865 [attempted murder - robbery]

R. v. Reynolds and Holtz, 1865 [nuisance - interference with river - riparian rights]

Roberts v. Bradwell Bloor and Co., 1865 [breach of contract]

Shen Fu Sing v. Bradwell Bloor and Co., 1865 [sale of goods]

Smith, Kennedy and Co. v. Orchard, 1865 [bill of lading]

Smith Preston v. Maitland Bush, 1865 [shipping, charter]

The Fire Dart v. The Titan, 1865 [shipping, collision]

The General Meslin v. The Promise, 1865 [shipping, collision]

The Her Majesty v. Dadabhoy, 1865[shipping, charter]

United States v. Bird, 1868 [embezzlement - burglary] United States

Wakefield v. Adams and Johnson, 1865 [common money counts]

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