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Colonial Cases

Re Lee, 1863


Re Lee

Consular Court, Shanghai
Source: The North-China Herald, 17 October 1863




14th October, 1863.

At the second hearing, according to notice, on examination of Mr. LEE, it appeared that no balance sheet had been filed, on behalf of himself and Copartner.  Mr. Cooper, who opposed on behalf of the thirteen Creditors, objected that the proceedings ought to be rejected, and the parties left to make a fresh application, as a balance sheet for the six months preceding the in solvency had not been filed, or that, as this was the first case, the meeting should be adjourned until a proper balance sheet was filed.

Mr. Lay stated that no account of the business had been rendered, and that the assets to-day showed a dividend of about 20 per cent.

The Consul considered he could do nothing until the balance sheet required was filed; it was impossible for him to judge what the conduct of the parties had been in managing their business, and he would adjourn the meeting until the 2nd of November next.

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