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Colonial Cases

1863 decisions

China and Japan


Andrews v. Bellwood, 1863 [criminal conversation - adultery]

Barton v. Sassoon, 1863 [specific performance - appeals]

Cama and Co v. P&O Co, 1863 [shipping, opium]

Cheshire v. Campbell, 1863 [indecent assault - perjury]

Day v. Manning, 1863 [shipping, salvage]

Hanbury v. Pickwoad, 1863 [conveyancing - appeals]

R. v. Brown and Murphy, 1863 [assault by police]

R. v. Davies and Davis, 1863 [shooting and wounding]

R. v. Tatham, 1863 [assault]

Re Lee, 1863 [bankruptcy]

Smith v. Burnett and Maish, 1863 [taxation]

The Alfred the Great v. The Ophir, 1863 [shipping, collision]

The Northern Light v. The Melbourne, 1863 [shipping collision]

The Ocean Mail, 1863 [shipwreck]

Toutai v. Evans, 1863 [smuggling arms]

Wood v. Loftus, 1863 [defamation]

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