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Colonial Cases

R v. Williams and others, 1859

[criminal law]

R.  v. Williams and others

Consular Court, Shanghai
Source: The North-China Herald, 8 January 1859




3d January 1859.

Case No. 1.

Before W. H. Phittock, Esq., Offg. Vice-Consul.

PATRICK WILLIAMS, aged 22, Ireland; seaman of the Elizabeth Ann, charged by the Master, Robert Parsons, with obstinate refusal of duty and desertion.

Finding - guilty.  Sentence three months imprisonment on bread and water.


Case No. 2.

JAMES SMITH, aged 18, Bristol;  DAVID CHAMBERS, 18, Dundee; and RICHARD BONHAM, 18, Sussex, seamen of the Queen of the North.

Charged by Master, Thomas Rapson, with embezzling the cabin stores.

From the Master's statement it appeared that one of his hams was found in the forecastle, and on examination three hams and a cheese were found missing, and on search being made the former were found in the forecastle and both cut.

Alex. Roberts, Steward, deposed to having found a ham in the forecastle in a basket and another behind a bread tank in the store-room.  Access to the store-room is through a hatch in the cabin but it might be entered through the hold by any one intending to commit robbery.

The prisoners acknowledged having had possession of one of the hams but deny all knowledge of the other or of the cheese.

Sentence; - one month's imprisonment each, and to make good the missing stores.


Case No. 3.

WILLIAM MOSS, aged 30, Bradford; seaman of the Livingston, charged by the Master, Benjamin Prynn, with desertion.  According to the master's statement the prisoner left the ship on the 26th Dec. last, and he had not seen him since.

The prisoner states he knows nothing about the matter - he got drunk on Christmas day and has not been all right since.

Sentence; - one week's imprisonment.


4th January, 1859.

Case No. 4.  Before Frederick Harvey, Esq., H.M.'s Vice-Consul

GEORGE WOOD, aged 21, Essex; seaman of the Sir F. W. Williams, charged by the master, David Rees, with refusal of duty.

Prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to six week's imprisonment.

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