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Colonial Cases

Alfeld v. Maitland, 1859


Alfeld v. Maitland

Consular Court, Shanghai
Source: The North-China Herald, 19 November 1859


BRITISH CONSULAR COURT - (Without Assessors.)

Before T. T. Meadows, Esq., H.M. Consul, 14th November, 1859


This was a case of Assault and Battery.  The plaintiff appears to have written a note to a party in which he made some very severe remarks on the character and conduct of a certain Mr. M------ .   On the 10th instant, whilst the Plaintiff was in his room at Richards's Hotel, Mr. Maitland called to see him, and, producing a letter, asked him if he was the writer of it.  Plaintiff acknowledged that he was.  Defendant then asked him if by "Mr. M-------" he intended to allude to him, (Mr. Maitland.)  Plaintiff declined to answer the question, and Defendant then shut the door.  Plaintiff endeavoured to open it, and while doling so he received a blow in the eye and another on the side of the head.  Defendant was found guilty of the assault and fined $100 or to be imprisoned for one month.  Of the fine $50 was awarded to the Plaintiff for medical expenses.

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