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Colonial Cases

Re Chooscony, 1920

[habeas corpus]

Re Chooscony

Source: The Canton Times, 2 August 1920

Chinese Girl Claimed By Two Husbands.


   Great interest has been aroused among the Chinese fraternity in Calcutta in a case engaging the attention of Dr. Sarbadhikari Honorary Magistrate.  According to the prosecution it is said that about three weeks ago a Chinese girl named Chooscony who is considered a belle in her own country, arrived in Calcutta from Hongkong accompanied by a Chinese named Chong Young said to be her husband.  The couple took up their residence at No. 9 Phear Lane.  Another Chinese named Ah Sick, a shoe-maker, having accidentally seen the girl in Phear Lane, laid a charge of kidnapping against Chong Young.

   He told the police that the girl was his lawfully wedded wife, having married her in Hongkong about five years ago and leaving her behind came to Calcutta about two years ago.  During his absence the accuser kidnapped the girl and brought her away to Calcutta as his wife.  The accused also maintained that she was his wife according to Chinese rites and ceremonies.  Ah Sick applied before Dr. Sarbadhikari on June 26 for a warrant against Chong Young and obtained a warrant for the production of the girl with the proviso that Ah Sick was to stand as a security for her.  This was done.

   Chong Young subsequently moved the Chief Magistrate and obtained an order directing him to produce the girl in Court.  The girl stated before Dr. Sarbadhikari that she wished to go to Ah Sick who was her husband.  She was allowed to go. - H.K.D.P.

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