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Colonial Cases

Parker v. Guthrie [1810]

false imprisonment

Supreme Court at Calcutta

6 March 1810

Source: Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 12 November 1810, issue 579

INDIA. At the Supreme Court, Calcutta, 6th March, 1810, an action was brought by Mr. J.W. Parker, Assistant Surgeon of his Majesty's 14th Regiment against G.D. Guthrie Esq. for an assault and false imprisonment. Mr. Parker went shooting on Mr. Guthrie's grounds (but believed, at the time, they belonged to Government), for which offence Mr. Guthrie put him into the charge of some Sepoys, and marched him into the Fort. The Court were of opinion that Mr. Guthrie's conduct had been very violent, and judgment was accordingly given for the Plaintiff - Damages 1500 rupees.

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