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Colonial Cases


These cases were selected, edited and transcribed by Peter Bullock.

On the trade in opium from India to China, see Mullick v. De Souza, 1840.

For other cases in India, see  India, Calcutta. It isn't always clear from the newspaper reports whether the Supreme Court was sitting in Bombay or Calcutta. As Peter Bullock said, "it's sometimes quite hard to tell because the Bombay Times has a habit of taking material from the Calcutta Courier without actually making that clear."


Frith v. Terry, 1839 [sale of goods]

Johnstone v. Cumin, 1840 [breach of promise of marriage]

Minor cases

Mullick v. De Souza, 1840 [contract of guarantee, opium - breach of contract, duress - contact, assessment of damages - opium, restrictions on sale]

R. v. Daood and Dhoolajee, 1840 [witchcraft - robbery - transportation]

R. v. Dorabjee, 1839 [conspiracy - forgery - assault]

R. v. Johnstone, 1840 [manslaughter]

R. v. Nagoo, 1839 [stealing from dwelling house - transportation]

R. v. Sing, 1839 [murder]

R. v. Tindall and Park, 1840 [assault at sea]

Re Hervey, 1840 [insolvency]

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