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Colonial Cases

Addeley v. Danes [1849]

civil actions

General Court

Lees C.J. and Sandilands J., 19 April 1849

Source: Nassau Guardian and Colonial Advertiser, 21 April 1849

[2] The Court met, according to adjournment, at 10 o'clock on Thursday, when His Honor Chief Justice Lees and His Honor Assistant Justice Sandilands took their seats on the Bench. The only cases tried on that day were the following-

Henry Addeley vs. Henry M. Danes - On Promises. - Verdict £ 15.17.3.

Richard Sawyer vs. Benjamin Albury - Trespass - Verdict £10.

H.N. Chipman vs. James Murray - Action on a Note of hand  - Not proven - Judgment for the defendant.

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