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Professor Vijaya Nagarajan

Macquarie Law School Professor Vijaya Nagarajan
Position: Professor
Tel: +61 (2)-9850 7911
Fax: +61 (2) 9850 7686
Location:  6 First Walk, Room 626


With degrees in Law and Economics, Professor Vijaya Nagarajan researches and teaches in the areas of corporate governance, sustainability and corporate responsibility, competition law and policy and gender equality. She has published widely and undertaken several consultancies in these areas.  Professor Nagarajan was Acting Dean of Macquarie Law School (March - December 2017).


BEc LLB (Macq), LLM (Monash), PhD (ANU)
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (UTS)


Professor Nagarajan is a productive researcher having undertaken interdisciplinary research for over two decades.  She has completed 54 publications and undertaken several consultancies, demonstrating the impact of her research.

Professor Nagarajan's research spans two main fields. The first research field is economic regulation in practice, specifically focused on the regulation of business by competition and corporate laws. She has contributed to several books and published over a dozen articles dealing with these issues. Currently she is exploring the role of institutional investors in promoting corporate responsibility on climate change.

The second field of research deals with the spatiality of law. Here she has examined the impact of gender equality laws on communities and laws' abilities to increase women's participation in economic life. Professor Nagarajan has completed numerous consultancies and publications on these topics. With particular focus on Pacific Island states, She has contributed to policy debate on diverse issues including designing women friendly consumer laws for Papua New Guinea and promoting women's representation on corporate boards in Fiji.  She has recently completed a monograph titled 'Women and Business in the Pacific' which develops a regulatory framework for promoting gender equality by synthesising law, regulatory strategies, traditional economics and behavioural economics.

Postgraduate Research Supervision and Teaching Responsibilities

The exceptional quality of Professor Nagarajan's postgraduate supervision was recognised by the Faculty of Arts Higher Degree Research Award in 2012.  Professor Nagarajan is able to supervise students undertaking research on corporate regulation, competition policy in emerging markets, socially responsible investment and gender equality.  Current and recently completed students include:

  • Nadira Sultana (Gender and Disaster Management Policies, continuing)
  • Hau Nguyen (Minority Protection and Corporate Governance in Vietnam, continuing)
  • Ekaterina Sofronova (Role of NGOs in Environmental Regulation, completed 2016)
  • David Mullan (Regulation of Energy Markets in Australia, completed 2015)
  • Michael Quilter (Insolvency in History and Literature, completed 2014)
  • Nasuradin Rahman (Transplanting Competition Laws to Malaysia, completed 2012)
  • Mia Rahim (Regulation of CSR in Bangladesh, completed 2011)

Professor Nagarajan's contribution to learning and teaching has been recognised by a University teaching award. She is involved in the following areas within the undergraduate law programs:

  • Competition and Consumer Law
  • Modern Corporate Governance
  • Sustainable Corporate Governance and Financing

Recent Publications

  • Nagarajan Vijaya (ed), Women and Business in the Pacific, (in press, Asian Development Bank); pp 1 - 340.
  • Nagarajan V and Parashar A, 'Gender Equality in International Law and Constitutions: Mediating Universal Norms and Local Differences' in Rubenstein K and Young K, The Public Law of Gender, Cambridge University Press 2016, pp 170-194.
  • Nagarajan V, 'Banks as Regulators of Corporate Governance:  The Possibilities and Challenges' in Wardrop A (ed) Law in Context:  Banking Law and Regulation, Federation Press 2014, pp 171-197
  • Nagarajan Vijaya, Discretion and Public Benefit in a Regulatory Agency: The Australian Authorisation Process, (ANU epress, 2013), pp 1 - 285.
  • Nagarajan V and Macdermott T, 'Empowering Women through Recognition of Rights to Land: Mechanism to Strengthen Women's Rights in Vanautu' (2013) 86 (3) Pacific Affairs (forthcoming)
  •  Nagarajan V, 'The Paradox of Australian Competition Policy: Contextualizing the Coexistence of Economic Efficiency and Public Benefit' (2013) 36(1) World Competition: Law and Economics Review 133-164.
  • Nagarajan V and Parashar A, 'Space and Law, Gender and Land: Using CEDAW to Regulate for Women's Rights to Land in Vanuatu' (2013) 24(1) Law and Critique 87-105.
  • Parashar A and Nagarajan V, 'My Brother's Keeper: Regulation of the brother-sister relationship in religious personal laws' (2013) 36(1) South Asia: Journal of South Asia Studies.
  • Nagarajan, V, 'Co-opting for Governance: the Use of the Conditions Power by the ACCC in Authorisations' (2011) 34(3) UNSW Law Journal 785-810.
  • Nagarajan, V, 'Regulating for Women on Corporate Boards: Polycentric Governance in Australia' (2011) 39(2) Federal Law Review 255-280.

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