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Macquarie Law School


Interested in working at Macquarie Law School?

Continuing academic appointments in Macquarie Law School are advertised through the University's Job Opportunities page.
For casual teaching appointments, please send a cover letter and CV to the Dean of the Law School in May and November of each year.

Staff contact details

Academic Staff Members

Name Position Location 9850-xxxx email
Adams, Carolyn Senior Lecturer W3A 511 7086
Alam, Shawkat Associate Professor W3A 440 8890
Baker, Roy Lecturer W3A 509 6928
Barry, Lise Senior Lecturer W3A 507 4237
Bernal-Pulido, Carlos Associate Professor W3A 625 4090
Carrigan, Frank Senior Lecturer W6A 511 7072
Carter, Susan Lecturer W3A 515 7092
Daft, Shireen Associate Lecturer W3A 541 6746
Davenport, Shayne Lecturer W3A 519 7810
Dominello, Francesca Lecturer W3A 514 7094
Gleeson, Kate Senior Lecturer W3A 622 4091
Ghezelbash, Daniel Associate Lecturer W3A 517 7042
Govind, Paul Lecturer W3A 620 7863
Harrison, Joel Lecturer W3A 512 7100
Islam, Rafiqul Professor W3A 444 7082
Kelly, Margaret Senior Lecturer W3A 616 7060
Klein, Natalie Dean of Macquarie Law School W3A 526 9931
MacDermott, Therese Associate Professor W3A 520 7067
Meyerson, Denise Professor W3A 535 7079
Mullan, David Associate Lecturer W3A 521 4276
Nagarajan, Vijaya Associate Professor W3A 615 7911
Opeskin, Brian Professor W3A 534 7074
Parashar, Archana Associate Professor W3A 625 7062
Radan, Peter Professor W3A 527 7091
Ronan, Debra Director, Conveyancing Program, Academic Advisor W3A 518 7906
Selvadurai, Niloufer Associate Professor W3A 621 7925
Stewart, Iain Associate Professor W3A 619 7090
Tomossy, George Senior Lecturer W3A 510 7865
Vickovich, Ilija Lecturer W3A 624 7921
Voyce, Malcolm Associate Professor W3A 617 7089
Watson, Penelope Senior Lecturer W3A 516 7071
Zahar, Alexander Senior Lecturer W3A 441 7077

Administrative Staff Members

Name Position Location 9850-xxxx email
Debbie Loo Department Administrator W3A 533  4218
Eleanor McGhee Assistant Department Administrator W3A 530 7096

W3A Wardens


Honorary Associates

Name Position Location Extension email
Dr John Bennett Adjunct Professor      
Tony Blackshield Emeritus Professor      
Gill Boehringer Honorary Associate      
Stuart Clark Adjunct Professor      
Professor Rosalind Croucher Adjunct Professor      
Christopher Kavelin Honorary Associate      
Bruce Kercher Emeritus Professor
Professor Zada Lipman Emeritus Professor
Harry Melkonian Honorary Associate
Benjamin Richardson Adjunct Professor      
Brent Salter Honorary Associate      
Andrew Tink Adjunct Professor
Victor Ulbrick Honorary Visiting Fellow      

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