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Jed Goodfellow
Jed Goodfellow

BA/LLB (Hons) (Griffith); GDLP (QUT); PhD candidate (Macquarie)
Admitted to practice in Queensland (2009) and South Australia (2010).

Tel: +61-2-9850 7670
Location: W3A 331


Jed Goodfellow is a PhD candidate within the Legal Governance Concentration of Research Excellence at Macquarie Law School. His research concerns the animal welfare regulatory framework within the Australian agricultural sector. Jed also works as a policy officer for RSPCA Australia with a focus on legislative and regulatory issues affecting animal welfare. Prior to joining Macquarie, Jed practised as a prosecutor for RSPCA South Australia and a solicitor for commercial law firm Clayton Utz. Jed also worked as an inspector for RSPCA Queensland during his undergraduate studies.  

Teaching responsibilities

LAW448 - Animal Law (Convenor)
LAWZ448 - Animal Law (Professional and Community Engagement) (Convenor)

Thesis Title

Animal Welfare Regulation in the Australian Agricultural Sector:  A Legitimacy Maximising Analysis

Thesis Overview

The welfare of animals is becoming an area of increasing concern for the Australian public and is expected to feature prominently in debates concerning future practices in animal agribusiness industries. This research is intending to examine the dynamics of the animal welfare regulatory framework as it operates within the Australian agricultural sector. The examination will be grounded in legitimacy theory, and informed by empirical investigation and comparative analysis.


Principal Supervisor: Professor Peter Radan
Associate Supervisor: Professor David Weisbrot


  • Jed Goodfellow, 'Regulatory Capture and the Welfare of Farm Animals in Australia' in Deborah Cao and Steven White (eds) Animal Law: International Perspectives, (Forthcoming).
  • Jed Goodfellow, Melina Tensen, and Lynne Bradshaw, 'The Future of Animal Welfare Policy and its Implications for Australian Livestock Industries' (2014) 11(1) Farm Policy Journal 39-49.
  • Jed Goodfellow, 'Animal Welfare Law Enforcement: To Punish or Persuade?' in Peter Sankoff, Steven White, Celeste Black (eds) Animal Law in Australasia, 2nd ed. Federation Press (2013).
  • Ilija Vickovich and Jed Goodfellow, 'Editors' Note - Animals and the Law: Theory, Policy and Regulation' (2013) 11 Macquarie Law Journal 1.

Conference Presentations (professional)

  • 'Introduction to Animal Law', Guest Lecture, University of New South Wales Law School (2013)
  • 'Farm Animal Welfare Law Enforcement: Current and Future Research', Animal Law in Australasia, University of Sydney (2013)
  • 'Regulatory Capture and the Welfare of Farm Animals in Australia', Life in the Anthropocene, University of Sydney (2013)
  • 'Captured by Design: The Story of Farm Animal Welfare Regulation in Australia', Tomorrow's Law: The Future of Animal Law, Macquarie University and RSPCA Australia, The Mint, Sydney (2012)
  • 'Animal Welfare Regulation: Principles and Practice', Newcastle Law Society CLE Seminar, Newcastle (2011)
  • 'Sentencing Under the Animal Welfare Act 1985 (SA)', South Australian Magistrates' Judicial Development Conference, Adelaide (2011) (co-presenter with Joana Fuller of Bar Chambers)
  • 'Legal Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation',  National Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Conference, Adelaide (2010)
  • 'RSPCA v Collings: Charges, counts and compensation in animal cruelty prosecutions', Natural Resources Investigations Group Conference, Adelaide (2010)
  • 'Animal Welfare Regulation:  A call for greater governance legitimacy', Australian Law Students Association Annual Conference, Adelaide (2010)
  • 'Future Directions for Australian Animal Lawyers and Farm Animal Protection', Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series, NSW Law Society (2007)
  • Animal Welfare Law Reform:  A Vet's Role', Australian Veterinary Students Annual Conference, University of Queensland (2007)

Grants, Awards and Recognition

  • 2013 Young Lawyer of the Year, NSW Law Society (2013)
  • Faculty of Arts PACE Grant Scheme, An Evaluation of the Student/Partner Experience in LAWZ448 PACE Stream ($1,000), Macquarie University (2013).
  • Research Excellence Scholarship, Macquarie University (2011 - 2014).
  • Top Graduating Student for the BA/LLB Program, Griffith University (2008).
  • Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter Award for Commitment to Social Justice, Griffith University (2007).
  • First Place, Animal Law, Griffith University (2007).
  • Award for Academic Excellence, Griffith University (2006).

Engagement Interests and Membership

  • NSW Young Lawyers, Animal Law Committee
  • Barristers Animal Welfare Panel, Secretariat member
  • National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes Reference Group

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