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Unreported Judicial Decisions of the Privy Council, on Appeal from the Australian Colonies before 1850

In re Sherwin [1844]

trover - appeals

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, 1844

On appeal from Van Diemen's Land

Reported as In re Sherwin (1844) 4 Moo PC 311; 13 ER 323

Source: Minutes of the Judicial Committee, 1837 to 1844, vol. 2, p. 366 (kept in the office of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council)), 2 February 1844[1] 


Ld Brougham

Ld Campbell

Judge of the High Court of Admty.

Vice Chancellor Knight Bruce

"Van Diemen's Land

"Sherwin v. Tetley

"Read - petition for leave to appeal.

            Their Lordships heard Counsel and reported to H.M. that the petition ought to be dismissed."


[1]  The Appeal Book 1837-1876 (kept in the office of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council) includes the following:

Whence 1843 VDL

Parties Isaac Sherwin of Launceston in the island of VDL agst James Tetley

lodged 18/12/43

Reference 31/1/44

Report 2/2/44

Approval 4/3/44

Appl Solcr Maugham & Kennedy 100 Chancery Ln

Petition for leave to appeal - refused

Petit for leave to appeal

            The colonial records of this case are at Tetley v. Sherwin, 1841; Tetley v. Sherwin, 1842; Teltey v. Sherwin, 1843 . The jury initially awarded damages of £970.

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