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Unreported Judicial Decisions of the Privy Council, on Appeal from the Australian Colonies before 1850

Campbell v. Lord [1813]

balance of account

Appeal Committee of the Privy Council, 1813

Appeal from New South Wales


Source: PRO PC2/195 Council Register 15 July 1813 to 23 June 1814, p. 191 (), 2 November 1813


William CampbellSimeon Lord : appeal against decision of Superior Court of Judicature of 26 Oct 1810 to recover sum of £1116..17.. for balance due on an account touching the snow or brig "Harrington", ordered for reference to the committee.


[1]  The Appeal Book 1781-1819 (held in the office of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council) records the following:


New South Wales

William Campbell v Simeon Lord

[Received] 30 Aug. 1813

[next columns blank]

[First lawyers' column] Mr. Hackett

[Second lawyers' column] Mr. Long 1 Elm Court Temple

29th. May 1826 dismissed for non-pros.

[Underneath that in the same columns across the page is "Do." for each item except the last.]

Under Enquiries, the same Appeal Book recorded the following:

New S Wales

Campbell v Lord

[First lawyers' column] Mr Hackett Old Bethlehem

[Second lawyers' column] Mr Long 1 Elm Ct Temple

Under Enquiries, the same Appeal Book recorded the following:

N South Wales

J T Campbell v Simeon Lord

[First lawyers' column] Gregg & Corfield

[Second lawyers' column] Mr C. Long Elm Court

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