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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 61

Original Document 61 

List of whites killed by the aborigines from 1832 to 1838.





Appendix A

List of Whites Killed by the Aborigines from 1832 to 1838



Appendix A.


1832  Mr Surveyor Finch, killed two of his men.   Killed at the Big River , while on duty with Major Mitchell.


1835  About the end of the year a servant of Sir John Jamison was murdered on the Namoi River .


1836  In April two men of Mr Hales were attacked on the Big River while splitting timber - one man was killed and the other escaped with a spear in his leg.   The natives then attacked the hut and Mr Thos. Hale received a spear in the head.


1837 Sept. Mr George Bowman's hut (Situated between the Namoi and Big Rivers ) was attacked while the Stock Keepers [345] were out and the two hut keepers were killed.


1837 Novr. Two shepherds in the employ of Mr Coff on the Big River were murdered while attending their sheep in the Bush.


1838  Jany  Two men belonging to Messrs Jno and Francis Allman were murdered at New England and their sheep driven away.

March.   Mr Surveyor Finch had two men murdered, while in charge of a Tent and some stores at New England .   Mr Cobban apprehended these Blacks with Mr Finchs property in their possession.

March.   Mr Cruikshanks at New England had a shepherd murdered in the Bush and when the flock was found 60 or 70 sheep were missing.

April.   Mr Fitzgeralds hut keeper was killed - the hut stripped.





List of Whites

Killed by the

Aborigines _

from 1832 to


No _ 61


[1] We would like to thank volunteer Steve Salter for his meticulous transcription and presentation of the above document.

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