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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 58

Original Document 58

Copy of Bishop's letter to Mr Threlkeld on the aboriginal mission.

[335] (Copy)

Sydney 27th January 1838 [1]

Reverend Sir

            Upon referring to the instructions of the Secretary of State for placing you in charge of the Mission at Lake Macquarie and directing you to report annually to me an account of its progress, I find that the period during which I was so authorised to superintend the progress of this attempt to Christianize these unhappy people, has expired, and I am therefore of opinion that the Report for the past year 1837 should not be addressed to me, but to the Colonial Secretary for the information of His Excellency the Govenor, under whose sanction the Mission must be considered as having been carried on since the time limited for my control of it has come to a conclusion. I much regret that this information was not communicated to you earlier, so it would have spared you the trouble of altering the form of your Report and making a fresh copy which will now be necessary, and for which purpose I return the original. But although these circumstances were mentioned by me to Sir Richard Bourke, it escaped my memory that it would be necessary to make you the communication which I have now done.

                                                                                    I remain Reverend - Sir

                                                                                    Your very faithful servant

                                                                                    [signed] N:G: Australia



Bishops Letter

to Thelkeld Revd

27th January


Aboriginal Mission


[1]We would like to thank volunteer Ron Hulme for his meticulous transcription and presentation of the above document.

Published by the Centre for Comparative Law History and Governance of Macquarie University, and State Records NSW