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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 4a

Original Document 4a


Examinations of William Whitticomb Convict taken on Oath before His Honor Lieut : Governor Paterson at Port Dalrymple Van Diemans Land this 2d day of February 1806 

County of Cornwall To Wit}  

Said Examinant being duly Sworn and Examined Sayeth that he is Servant to Doctor Mountgarrett that on the evening of Monday last he together with Stephen Brave went with their Masters Dogs to Catch Kanguaroo [sic], that on that Night they fell in with a party of Natives by whom they were unnoticed till the next morning when Examinant and his Comrade as they were proceeding on their Business saw a Number of the Natives who attacked the Dogs with Spears Sticks and Stones and at the same time attacked Examinant and his Comrade also, that finding themselves likely to be overpowered by the Natives, Stephen Brave discharged the Musquet [sic] which he had at them, Examinant further says that the Natives still Continued attacking them with Stones and Spears which wounded Examinant [14] and his Comrade whereupon Stephen Brave Fired Two Shots more, that at the third discharge one of the Natives fell and the rest ran away in Different directions, That Two of the Native Women having Climbed up a Tree when the rest ran away, Examinant and Brave went to the Tree in Order to Catch them, when one of the women venturing out upon the Branches she fell from the Tree upon some dead Timber that lay underneath, whereupon Examinant and Brave laid hold of her and Brought her to their Masters Farm - Examinant Says that the place where he fell in with the Natives is he thinks about five Miles from his Masters Farm.


William X Whitticomb


taken and sworn before me the day and Year first within written }



Deposition of Wm Whitticomb  

respecting the Natives.

Published by the Centre for Comparative Law History and Governance of Macquarie University, and State Records NSW