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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 4

Original Document 4

Extract from the Orderly Book 14th October 1804 @ 1805: 19th April 1805 


Whereas the natives in different parts of the out settlements have in an unprovoked and inexcusable manner lately committed the most brutal murder of some defenceless settlers whose hospitality appears to have drawn upon them the most barbarous treatment; and there being but little hopes of the murderers being given up to Justice.

The Governor has Judged it necessary for the preservation of the lives and Properties of the out Settlers and Stockmen, to distribute Detachments from the New South Wales Corps among the out settlements for their protection against those uncivilized Insurgents, but as those measures alone will only be a present check, it is hereby required and ordered that no Natives be suffered to approach the Grounds or Dwellings of any Settler, until the Murders are given up - And that this order may be carried into full effect [10] the settlers are required to assist each other in repelling those visits. And if any settler contrary to the purpose and intent of this order harbours any Native, he will be prosecuted for the breach of a Public Order, intended for the security of the Settlers.


Extract from the Orderly

Book 1804 @ `1806

3 May 1805

A number of Natives composed of the Families, well known about Prospect and Parramatta, with some strangers from the Cow Pastures, having put themselves under the protection of the Magistrates of Parramatta, and are set down at the Brush between Prospect and George's River, they are not to be molested in that situation, some of them having accompanied a party to apprehend the Murders of the two Settlers and the two Stockmen.

7 th



Extract from Orderly


Murders committed

by Aborigines.

No 4

Published by the Centre for Comparative Law History and Governance of Macquarie University, and State Records NSW