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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 38

Original Document 38

A Glennie to R Scott Esq.or reward for captive of a native. Shooting of Aborigines: 22 June 1835


Patricks Plains

22nd June 1835

My Dear Scott,

Captain Forbes told me to write and ask you if you will try and do something about getting that reward for apprehending the Black fellow Michie. No notice has ever been taken of the certificate which you sent them and as they appear to have forgotten it Capt F thinks that being on the spot you may perhaps by a little rousing about manage to get it paid. Singleton advanced Bonnell his share of the reward - and Mrs Singleton was this morning speaking to Capt F about the matter, saying that as her husband is not in Gaol for debt and she is not overburdened with [169] too great a supply of the needful, this small ruin [??] would be very acceptable if she could only get it.

Of course you have heard all the goings on among the Blacks of the Williams and Patterson. I have heard today that the Military have succeeded in taking some of them on Glendon Brook and that some have been shot - whether this report is true or not I cannot say not having seen them myself.

I hope when you return you will contrive to bring some rain back with you for we are getting more and more thirsty every day. If you remain [170] in Sydney much longer I think you will not know the District on your return for we are going to erect Court Houses, Lockups, Churches and I suppose Clerks houses into the bargain for they have [?] determined on removing us all down to Cobbs - I don't think I have anything more in the [?] of news to communicate and must   [?] therefore wish you good night & a pleasanter passage from than [what ?] you had to Sydney.

Yours very truly

Alfred Glennie .

[171] 22nd January 1835

Glennie to Scott esq no 38

Published by the Centre for Comparative Law History and Governance of Macquarie University, and State Records NSW