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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 27a

Original Document 27a




[copy of letter (or orig?) transmitted as copy in preceding. Signed this time, by Alex McLeay, and numbered 28/1704; 28/2314; 28/ 215]


Glendon , Hunters River

12th April 1828


I have the honor to reply to your letter of the 19th March 1828 .

Mr Benjamin Singleton & one or two other holders of cattle finding the Pastures in this neighbourhood becoming much circumscribed by the continual accession of new Settlers made a Station on the Western side of the Blue Mountains on Liverpool Plains - Soon after this M r Singleton sent me a note saying that this Station had been attacked by the Natives & after an who had been repulsed, after an engagement in which six Blacks were killed. I heard that two of the party were in the District and summoned them before me - There statement was that one morning a number of armed parties unaccompanied by their women were seen coming towards their Hut - they armed themselves with six muskets & large retired to a small hill 3 out of 11 of their part running away to get the horses another body of natives was observed at a considerable distance men women and children apparently - that the first party of Natives attacked them, & those at a distance set up a shout and came pouring towards the hill on which they had taken their position - they became alarmed & commenced a fire upon the nearest party & pursued them in [99] order strike terror & to do as much execution as possible before the two parties joined together - one   white man only was wounded in the arm with a stick pointed at each end, used as a missile - the Natives hovered about the neighbourhood for some time, but at length slowly retired.

The two persons whom I examined E Baldwin & his stockman were two who had not any arms & had ran for the horses. The letter & examinations I have mislaid & cannot find anywhere but if required they can easily be again taken.

Signed Rob Scott

19th March 1828

Col. Secty

Natives Killed at: Liverpool Plains

and enclosures

Enclosure 1



[1] This is one of the background documents to the Myall Creek massacre hearings, as to which see R. v. Kilmeister (No. 1), 1838; R. v. Kilmeister (No. 2), 1838; R. v. Lamb, Toulouse and Palliser, 1839.

Published by the Centre for Comparative Law History and Governance of Macquarie University, and State Records NSW