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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 21

Original Document 21

S Owen - complaining of Jackass and other natives: 28 March 1827


Fal brook

Hunters River to wit}   Samuel Owen Mary 2 [sic?]

                                    An Overseer for Dr Bowman

Sworn Stateth

That on Friday morning last as deponent was returning from Wallumby Brook looking for Cattle - when he fell in with fifteen black natives who immediately surrounded him - Jackass (the man who has done so much mischief about Dr. Bowman's) was one of them, who asked Dept if he was the big constable - Dept said yes- jackass them drew out his Waddie , & flourished it a Dept, but Dept kept him out of reach with a musket - the other natives stood round but did not offer any violence - Jackass did not happen to have   a spear - all the [81] others had - While Jackass was menacing Dept Cobborn Mary (wife to Bit of Bread) came up & began to chatter in their own language with the greatest violence, walking round & round deponent, & beating the ground with   a pointed stick she had in her hands - she fairly frothed at the mouth - at length the blacks went away & Mary remained behind.   When Jackass got a little way off, he said "never mind he would find another opportunity to kill deponent" - Cobborn Mary told deponent that the clacks were going to kill deponent, but that she had prevented them: & then strongly [82] advised deponent never to go into the Bush where the blackfellows were for they were determined to kill him.

Sworn before me

this 28th March 1827   } Samuel Owen his mark

Robert Scott


Samuel Own v

Jackass and other black natives

28 March 1827

No 21

Published by the Centre for Comparative Law History and Governance of Macquarie University, and State Records NSW