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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 2

Original Document 2

Extract from Orderly Book 11 September 1795 to 31 December 1797

24 Nov 1797


His Excellency considers it also necessary to inform the settlers in general, as well as all others concerned in farming; That some of those Villains who are and have been a pest to the Industrious ever since their arrival in this Colony, have again absconded from their work, and have betaken themselves to an idle and mischievous life amongst the natives, it therefore becomes necessary that they be narrowly watched, and secured as early as it can be done - For this purpose all constables, watchmen and others are hereby strictly enjoined to use every possible diligence in detecting them; and if by any means they can covey information to them, and to the natives with whom they may associate, that wherever they are found, if they cannot be immediately secured, they will be [6] fired at as the only means left for preventing the mischiefs and robberies they commit, and the natives will in consequence of the encouragement they afford them be liable also to be fired at, if white men are seen amongst them. This caution to the natives may be conveyed to them by such of their countrymen as live amongst us, and may prevent their suffering those vagabonds from continuing amongst them, to the danger of the loss of life to many inoffensive people.


Extract from the Orderly Book 24 th Nov 1797

runaways amongst the Aborigines. 1797.

Published by the Centre for Comparative Law History and Governance of Macquarie University, and State Records NSW