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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 19

Original Document 19

G Clavis to R Scott Esq. complaining of Blacks: 25 March 1827


March 25th 1827


Robert Scott Esq

Worshipful Sir,

Hearing from my overseer Luke Pearson that it was your desire that any Person who should gain any information respecting the Natives I humbly beg leave to lay the following statements before you.

I am situated as hut keeper at an up station the Property of Mr Howe. On Tuesday last, about the middle of the Day a large number of natives assembled at the hut and behaved in a very daring manner and from the whole of their conduct I have not the [75] smallest doubt but we should have been attacked had it not been for two men that was in the hut, who were going up the river to work for Mr Greig - amongst the party was Bit o Bread   carrying a poisoned spear, and threatening vengeance on Hunt for accusing him wrongfully - King Jerry told me that if Bit o Bread was hurt by the white men that he would assemble a thousand Black fellows, and spear every white man they fell in with that the Soldier were all gone away, that they were not afraid and desired me to inform white man at the plains so one showed me how they would surround the huts of the Settlers, and with a frying [76] pan handle how they would spear us through the Slabs of the Hut being in an unprotected state we gave them Bread Milk & Tobacco but they would not be satisfied and I am confident had it not been for the two strange men that we persuaded to stop Death would have been the result. I beg Sir you will pardon this liberty buy the safety of my fellow creatures who are in out stations I trust will lead a sufficient excuse

I am

Worshipful Sir

Your Humble Servt

George Claris

Govt servt

to Mr J Howe


25th March 1827

G Claris

Complaining of the Aborigines

to R Scott Esq

Published by the Centre for Comparative Law History and Governance of Macquarie University, and State Records NSW