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Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Document 102

Original Document 102

G Bowman to R Scott with memoranda relative to the early state of the blacks.

[765] Archersfield, January 5th 1839


      Agreeable to my Promise and your request, I enclose you a brief account as far as my recollection can give of the state of things of former years in this colony with respect to the Blacks; but if you can get a file of the Sydney Gazette of those dates referred to in my Memorandum I think you will find much more than I have been able to commit to paper from recollection.

   I am sorry I could not forward you this sooner but I was really so much hurried before I left for the Hunter that I could not.   Since I have been here I saw a man who came from Mr Pringle Station on the Rockey Creek near my station who states that the Blacks had killed 2 more men of Mr Cobbs and 7 or 800 sheep and are more daring than ever.

Your obdt . Svt .,

George Bowman

R Scott, Esq.


January 5th 1839

Robert Scott, Esqr .

Cumberland House, Sydney. [1]


[1] Sideways across this page are these words:

G Bowman

Letter containing

memorandum relative

to the early state of

the Blacks -

  No. 102

Published by the Centre for Comparative Law History and Governance of Macquarie University, and State Records NSW