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Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899

R. v. Gemmell


Supreme Court of New South Wales, Port Phillip

Willis J., 26 April 1841

Source: Port Phillip Patriot, 29 April 1841

William Gemmell was indicted for an assault with intent to commit an unnatural offence on the person of a youth named Richard Bell, at Geelong , on the 3 rd of March last; the second count charged the prisoner with a common assault, and the jury pronounced a verdict of Guilty on the second count.

His Honor sentenced the prisoner top be imprisoned on Her Majesty's gaol, at Melbourne, for two years, and be kept to hard labor.

Willis J., 26 April 1841

Source: Port Phillip Herald, 27 April 1841

William Gimmel was indicted for an assault upon Richard Bell with intent to commit an unnatural offence, at Geelong, on the 3rd March. The second count charged him with a common assault. The prisoner was convicted on the clearest testimony. He was sentenced to be confined in Her Majesty's Jail, at Melbourne, for the space of two years, and kept to hard labour, being the utmost sentence which His Honor could inflict upon him.

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