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Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899

Notice to Attorneys [1842] NSWSupC 28

attorneys, unqualified persons

Supreme Court of New South Wales

Source: Sydney Herald, 4 January 1842

Supreme Court. - The following Notice has been posted in the Supreme Court.

Notice - There being reason to believe that certain Attorneys on the Rolls of this Honorable Court, non-resident in Sydney, or having no usual known place of business or office therein to which they habitually visit, conduct their business in town and other places by the agency of clerks not being Attorneys of the Court, or by other unqualified persons. Their Honors the Judges direct that the attention of such practitioners should be drawn to the provisions of the statutes 2 Geo. 2., C. 23, S. 17, and 22 Geo. 2., C. 46, S. 11. And further intimate their determination to enforce the provisions of these statutes in every case where such irregularity may occur.

            (Signed)            JAMES DOWLING C.J.,

                                    W.W. BURTON

                                    ALFRED STEPHEN.

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