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Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899

R. v. Stone [1822] NSWKR 25; [1822] NSWSupC 25

stealing in dwelling house

Court of Criminal Jurisdiction

Wylde J.A., 24 September 1822

Source: Sydney Gazette, 27 September 1822

            Edward Stone was indicted for stealing in the dwelling house. It appeared that the prisoner had been a servant in the employ of Mrs Jenkins, of George street, and had availed himself of the confidence necessarily reposed in domestics, to plunder the premises at every opportunity. The police soon gained information of the prisoners supposedly villainy. One afternoon he was stopped in Pitt street, and searched upon the spot, when he was found to be laden with pieces of nankeen, as well as other property. Further search was made in the room in which he slept, and some more nankeen was found secreted in his bed. The property was satisfactorily proved to belong to Mrs Jenkins, notwithstanding the unsupported assertion of the prisoner, who stated that he had purchased the articles of a man gone from the Colony. Guilty - 7 years transportation.

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