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Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899

R. v. Taylor [1818] NSWKR 13; [1818] NSWSupC 13

obtaining money under false pretences

Court of Criminal Jurisdiction
Wylde J.A, 18 September 1818
Source: Sydney Gazette, 19 September 1818

           Robert Taylor was placed at the bar, charged with obtaining money under false pretences, from Mr C. Hadley, of Nepean, and from Mr Thomas Rose, of Castlereagh street, Sydney, as his agent. The prisoner had arrived lately from Hobart town, in the Henrietta Packet; and, with the counterfeit letter pretended to be sent to Mr Hadley from a relative at Hobart Town, imposed on him an account of property arriving by the Jupiter, the freight whereof, stated to be ¿8 10s. the prisoner at the bar was to receive from Hadley on his arrival. No suspicion was entertained of the fraud, and Hadley gave the prisoner a letter requesting Mr Rose, as his Agent, to make such advances as he the prisoner might want during his stay in Sydney, not at all doubting the truth of his representations. Mr Rose advanced him altogether the sum of 8l ; but there stopped, owing to some incidents which had rendered the prisoner suspected; whereupon a development ensued, and all was found to be a fabrication; the letter a cheat, and not a single article for Hadley by the Jupiter. The Honourable the Judge Advocate remarked, with much energy, on the extraordinary effrontery with which the fraud has been effected, under circumstances from which it was impossible the prisoner could have escaped justice; and upon a very short consultation of the Members, the prisoner was pronounced Guilty; and sentenced to be transported for seven years to Newcastle.

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