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Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899

Muckle v. Armytage [1812] NSWKR 8; [1812] NSWSupC 8

legal rights of women - money due on goods

Court of Civil Jurisdiction
Bent J.A., 10 July 1812
Source: Court of Civil Jurisdiction Proceedings, 1788-1814, State Records N.S.W, 5/1108 (case no. 72)[1]

Jane Muckle of Sydney                         Plaintiff


Charles Armytage of Sydney                  Defendant

Writ for ¿3..8..9 sterling for freight primage and Average due and payable upon & in respect of certain goods carried and conveyed by the Plaintiff in & on board of a certain ship or vessel for defendant at his request.

The Defendant appears by George Chantrey [?] his agent duly authorised.

It appeared that Jane Muckle the nominal Plaintiff , erroneously took out the writ in this cause in her own name instead of in the name of one Archibald McKellup , with whom the contract if any, was made _.

The Court therefore dismissed the suit.

[1] See Kercher, Debt, Seduction & Other Disasters: The Birth of Civil Law in Convict NSW (1996), 72 - 73; Also cited as Jane Muckle v Archibald McKellup , 10 July 1812, 5/1108-72.

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