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Colonial Cases

Zanzibar (and East Africa)

Last reviewed March 2014.

The following cases are from the William Perkins Collection GB65-0370, No. 1/1, Volume of Constantinople Consular Court Printed Judgments, 1864-1911, by kind permission of the Archivist, Middle East Centre Archive, St. Anthony's College, Oxford. 

Secretary of State v. Charlesworth, 1901 [compulsory purchase of land - eminent domain]

Stanley v Tippoo Tib, 1889 [breach of contract - exploration of Africa]


The following were transcribed from newspaper reports. Like the above, most of these were selected, edited and transcribed by Peter Bullock.

Abdullah v. Hamis, 1898 [slavery]

Mohamed v. Pereira and Salim, 1898 [land law]

Muslim v. De Souza, 1898 [land law]

Newspaper commentary Zanzibar

Slavery, 1846

Slavery, 1892 [slavery]

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