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Colonial Cases

Newspaper commentary and minor cases Nyasaland

Evening Telegraph (Dundee), 10 April, 1897
[Special Telegram.]
BLANTYRE, CENTRAL AFRICA, February 6. - Considerable excitement has been caused in the British Central Africa Protectorate by the arrest of an employee of the African Lakes Corporation, named John Law, for shooting natives at Fort Johnston. Law, it is alleged, went out with another gentleman to shoot game, and it is alleged that during the day, seeing some natives wandering about, he deliberately fired his gun at them, several times saying to his friend that he was quite sure he could hit them. Two natives were seriously wounded. The prisoner will be tried at Blantyre in the Consular Court before the Consular Judge, Mr. Bettesworth Piggott, as soon as he is brought down from Fort Johnston, where he is under arrest.

Published by Centre for Comparative Law, History and Governance at Macquarie Law School